IRS Tax Recovery for Canadians

February 2nd, 2012

IRS tax recovery for the Canadians is one of the top issues for our company. We have successfully get to the IRS tax recovery for Canadians for many years. If you have ever visited a casino or some other type of gaming establishment in the United States and spent money in a slot machine, poker table or any other type of gambling, you can get something of that money back . Finally, you win your game and related salts come from the money you won, but unfortunately this is not the amount you just won. The United States IRS requires that 30% of your profits for the withholding tax instead, although you are not a citizen.

This is still a win for you, even if you go that 30% of your profits. There is still a victory, even if you look at the fact that the $ 1,000 you won only $ 700 is now disappointed. They are more aware of the loss of this 30% off when you are home and the money. This is the exact time you should contact us to start the IRS tax recovery for the Canadians. If you live in Canada and have played and won, while in the United States, you can use the IRS tax recovery for the Canadians. IRS Tax Recovery works for Canadians this: you win money while visiting the United States. They have withheld 30% of your profits in withholding taxes for the U.S. tax authority IRS. They come home with a portion of your money away, is still sitting in Uncle Sam’s pockets. Get in touch with our company with your winning slip and government identification. We are working on your behalf to get back that 30% of it is your right to hold gains.

IRS tax recovery for the Canadians is a path that you always that money back into your pockets. She won, and you should be able to keep him. We are in a position to the IRS tax recovery for the Canadians for a Canadian, keno, bingo, slots, poker or any other type of gambling, including horse racing has played or dog racing.

If you win money in the United States, an attendant will ask you about your nationality. The cashier then takes this information ad returns with your money, if even 30% less than you won. Each time you win more than $ 1,200 in a casino, must come from the 30% of your profits. It is not common to every gambling establishment that, you say that, as a Canadian is entitled to use the IRS tax recovery for Canadians to get the 30% return. Your right as a Canadian, get that money back into your pocket. They won it fair and square and should be able to get it back in your pocket and away from Uncle Sam. If you do your own taxes every year, it is best to contact us right before you file your own taxes. It may take up to 8 weeks to get the ITIN number, we need to get to you, by the time we got our refund for you, you can have your own tax refund in hand, and .

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