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February 2nd, 2012

The mobile casino of The Phone Casino contains the very popular online mobile poker game that is played by millions of online poker players around the world. However, very few people understand or know how to play poker and play poker in our current time, an extension of the game in the information age to online poker mobile phone or smartphone. Therefore, before people sign up and enjoy your game of poker mobile, it is even more enjoyable if they knew the history of poker and how the game originated. Historians in their research on the evolution of Poker have found that it appeared about 100 years ago by many other different types and kinds of games. Emerged the games of poker, the basic rule of the place card or domino-permutations and the players of these games had used the technique of bluffing to deceive their opponents.

However, a version of the game of poker, or in this day and age, mobile phone or online poker poker is probably the Chinese were before the year 969 AD began research has shown that Mu-tsung, who was the Chinese emperor at that time actually played domino cards with his wife every New Year’s Eve. Played during the seventeenth and eighteenth century French game called Poque and a German game was known as rap, were both in these times. Both the German and French games were really an extension of the Spanish game called Primero, which was played by the Spaniards during the sixteenth century. Three cards to each player was dealt the Primero played.

Finally, these poker games, or in our case, the emergence of mobile and smart phone or poker that originated in Spain and then moved to France and Germany, eventually ended up playing in Canada. In 1834, Jonathan H Green creates a set of rules for what at that time in Canada as a cheating game that have been enjoyed and played on the riverboats that sail the Mississippi were deeply known. This cheating game soon developed, and then the card game Three Card Monte, who was very popular and replaced mainly played on the gambling circuit at that time. This new cheating game was the most popular game at that time that he decided as a courageous game of cards and more honest than the previously popular three-card game was considered.

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