Four Innovative Online Slots Casino Games

February 2nd, 2012

Battleship – Search and Destroy Battleship – Search and Destroy is one of the newest online slots. This game has two fantastic bonus games: Winning Encounter and Sink the Fleet. Online slots players choose which bonus feature they want to enjoy after receiving three bonus pictures on the first three roles Battleship. Winning Encounter is a free spins round the exciting awards multipliers. Sink the Fleet Bonus Slots is an online game that players can compete in a classic game of Battleships. A lurking enemy armada in a 8×8 square card and online slots players will have to search and defeat this enemy fleet. Players can amass a bonus prize of 16,000 credits, if they discover all five vessels with less than 8 goes. Da Vinci Da Vinci Diamonds diamonds online slots online slots is a popular title. This online slots title is extremely popular because it contains the unique Tumbling Reels gameplay. Reel symbols fall from the top slot on the screen in the Da Vinci Diamonds online slots game. The symbols that cause magically disappear in a winning line function more reel symbols fall into play. The Tumbling Reel gameplay means players can win several lines create a single rotation. Da Vinci Diamonds Slots Online also has a Free Spins feature. This feature allows players to win more free opportunities, prices. Jeopardy! Online Slots The Jeopardy! Online slots game is inspired by the hit American game show. These online slots are a bonus because of the innovative television show inspired. Online slots players must choose one of 3 students to a question in the Final Jeopardy answer! Game. Two of the participants on the screen knows the right answer. You do not have. The players are attractive prices from this online slots game will receive if they Participants who do choose the right answer. Monopoly Pass Go Pass Go Monopoly online slot machines on the classic board game is inspired. Online slots players have the opportunity to travel around the iconic board in the bonus game of Monopoly Pass Go. Gamers are a limited number of rolls of the dice given to move around a Monopoly board. There are many bonus awards that can be achieved in this online slots bonus feature and the players receive a bonus prize for successfully completing a full lap of the circuit board.

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